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Covid-19Remote Working

Fortinet Remote Working Security Solutions

By August 26, 2020November 29th, 2022No Comments
fortinet remote working solutions covid-19

Maintain business continuity with Fortinet integrated secure remote working solutions

Due to Covid-19 remote working has now become the new normal. Employees are now required to complete their work-related tasks through remote internet connections. This new remote working model offers huge benefits to employees due to the geographic freedom, reduction in commute, and flexible work schedule. There are also occasions in which remote work may be the only option for continued operations. When emergencies happen that prevent employees from being productive in the office, organisations need solutions that enable business continuity and provide support for employees whilst they work from these remote locations. The transition to the remote working model opens users and companies up to a myriad of security threats including malware, all forms of phishing attacks and much more. In this blog post we look at the Fortinet solutions that support remote working,

How prepared is your business for prolonged remote working?

Our remote working guide is designed to help with key challenges your business is likely to face as a result of prolonged remote working and provides useful advice on the steps that should be taken to protect data, safeguard your business, and keep in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Click the link below  to download your free copy
remote working guide

Using the power of the Fortinet Security Fabric and our managed cyber security services we can help protect your remote working employees, customers, supply and distribution chains from the constantly shifting threat landscape.

Some of our recommended Fortinet remote working solutions include:

Next Generation Firewall

Deploying a Fortigate NGFW provides remote workers the highest levels of security available for remote locations. With secure traffic tunnels as well as application control and traffic inspection, a FortiGate NGFW provides several levels of protection, backed by AI driven security processes.

Secure Private Connections

Connect securely from remote locations to ensure that communication stays private even as it travels across open networks. FortiClient Fabric Agent provides the VPN tunnel back to the head office.

Identify Verification

Fortiauthenticator helps prove that users are who their user names and passwords say they are with additional methods of authentication. FortiToken provides two-factor authentication capabilities.

Secure Wireless Connection

FortiAP delivers flexible and secure connectivity that can be managed remotely through a Fortigate next-generation firewall. The security policies of the firewall can be applied to the wireless traffic, while an encrypted tunnel from the access point protects that traffic across the internet.

SD-WAN Connectivity

Fortinet FortiGate Secure SD-WAN provides significant advantages for remote workers. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN helps ensure continued connectivity and optimal application performance.

“Infosec Partners has a reputation as a trusted advisor and managed security services innovator and is an astute partner to enterprise customers with security and compliance concerns.”

Greg Gyves

MSSP Channel Manager at Fortinet

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