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Free Virtual Event: Navigating the Risks of Cyber Attacks in the Maritime Industry

By January 16, 2023February 21st, 2023No Comments

On 23 March 2023, 5pm – 6pm (GMT), TechSolent and Mark Oakton of Infosec Partners’ are hosting a free-to-attend virtual event where they will discuss the risks and impacts of cyber attacks on the maritime sector.

Maritime accounts for the movement of 90% of world trade, making it an attractive target for cyber attackers, and it is no surprise that the maritime sector has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals in recent years. These attacks can take various forms, including malware infections, unauthorised access to ship systems, and theft of sensitive data. Cyber attacks on ships, marinas, ports, and other maritime infrastructure disrupt operations and navigation, including putting lives at risk.

As the maritime sector becomes increasingly digitalised, the potential impact of cyber attacks on all vessels, including superyachts, ports and marinas is likely to continue to significantly grow. Over the last 3 years, attacks on the maritime industry’s operational technology (OT) systems have increased by 900%, and with an increase in smart technology within the sector, this trend will only continue. It is important for those in the sector to improve their cyber security and to continue monitoring for new threats and vulnerabilities.

Infosec Partners has a proven track record in helping vessel owners and maritime organisations become cyber safe, offering both expert consultancy and a comprehensive suite of managed security services for the marine and offshore market. Always innovating, one recent initiative launched is the Maritime Cyber Baseline Scheme.

In response to the increased threat to vessels, Infosec Partners developed this specialised cyber certification to assist vessel owners in improving their awareness and protection against cyber crime, and also to ensure compliance in accordance with the IMO Maritime Cyber Risk Management guidelines. Adoption of this certification is recommended by RINA (Royal Institution Naval Architects) and may be required for certain insurance policies.

TechSolent run networking and education events for local Solent based technology businesses, academic institutions and government entities, bringing benefit to the region.

Infosec Partners and TechSolent are jointly hosting this event where they will discuss the risks and impacts of cyber attacks on the maritime sector:

  • free to attend
  • virtual event
  • 23rd March 2023
  • 5-6pm (GMT)

Register here for your free ticket:


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