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Infosec Partners Joins Premier Managed Service Provider Acora

By May 3, 2023August 11th, 2023No Comments
Infosec Partners join managed services provider Acora

Infosec Partners, a distinguished managed security services provider based in Hampshire, is thrilled to announce its union with Acora, the UK’s foremost managed service provider and one of the top seven worldwide. This strategic alliance considerably strengthens the group’s cybersecurity prowess, delivering an even more comprehensive service to clients across the globe.

In the past 18 years, Infosec Partners has established an impressive portfolio of sophisticated cyber security solutions, delivering all-encompassing cyber security managed services, expert risk consultancy, and compliance programs to its international clientele. Infosec Partners provides round-the-clock cyber security protection and incident response services to clients across a variety of sectors, many with essential operational demands.

Acora caters to mid-market customers (500-5,000 users) across the globe in a diverse array of industries and segments. For Infosec Partners clients, Acora’s size, expertise, and capabilities ensure that Infosec Partners can consistently satisfy their evolving requirements as their businesses progress and expand. Acora will also profit from Infosec Partners’ tried-and-tested cyber security experience, compliance, and certification maturity, which it intends to employ for its clients following previous acquisitions. The merger opens up further opportunities to develop innovative, industry-leading managed cyber security services for Acora’s clients.

The Infosec Partners team, comprising over 30 cyber security specialists, will be joining Acora, increasing the total group workforce to well over 600. Company founder Mark Oakton stays on to help grow and refine the cyber security managed service business activities as a member of Acora’s leadership team.

Dave Rabson, Acora CEO, said, “Amidst a highly competitive market, Mark and his team at Infosec Partners have established a top-notch cyber security operation, displaying impressive organic growth along with an exceptional customer experience. I realised from our first encounter that this would be an excellent addition to Acora. The acquisition aligns with our strategy of pinpointing top-tier, off market opportunities that will further enrich Acora’s clients and personnel. We foresee an outstanding opportunity to not only expand our cyber services through this acquisition, but also to introduce Acora’s wider portfolio to Infosec Partners clients at the appropriate time.”

Mark Oakton, Managing Director and Founder of Infosec Partners, remarked: “This collaboration is a strategic move that will offer improved service options and greater operational efficiency for our customers while giving our employees expanded career prospects, skill enhancement, and a more rewarding work environment.”

For more information please get in touch with the Infosec Partners team.

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