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Is A.I. all ********?

By August 16, 2018September 9th, 2021No Comments
AI is it bull?

The Hollywood A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) perception and fascination has continued to glamorise and terrify us into thinking the end of the human world is nigh at worst and we will all be out of a job at best. Ultron could be anywhere and everywhere within a few hours. Dolores Abernathy took a little longer but eventually managed to gain her own conscious; unlocking everyone else’s conscious in Westworld in the process and Alexa continues to give everyone the creeps.

But what about the Fancy A.I.’s in software that vendors want to sell to you? The ones where you wouldn’t need to contact a consultant ever again because they have this super clever, super smart A.I. who can make all these decisions for you based on previous reports/logs/patterns? Well this has never been and will never be the case (for the foreseeable future). You will need and probably should get a security consultant to go through what would be best for your business and analyse the results. A security consultant will have more experience and expertise on what a human business needs than an AI which goes off of reports and patterns and not the bigger threat.

This is not to say that the ‘AI’ in software is all a bunch of nothing, there are many known benefits already which can help cut down on certain work and costs, maybe just work out a budget for a consultant when the vendor is selling you the dream.

Some Facts:

  • Heliograf, The Washington Post’s AI writer, created approximately 850 stories in 2016 during the Rio Olympics and the 2016 presidential election. Humanity’s saving grace? Editing and analysis polishing came from human editors.[1]


  • “AI is not going to become self-aware, rise up, and destroy humanity.” So it’s probably time to stop doomsday prepping and learn how to manipulate AI to keep your job, not save your life. (Huffington Post)[2]


  • Machine learning requires a human to select the learning algorithm, select the inputs, select the outputs, and define what is a good outcome versus a bad outcome. Most of that will not be correct on the first try and the human will continue to tweak it all until it works. [3]


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