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Is your data centre security up to scratch?

By August 2, 2022November 17th, 2022No Comments
data centre security solutions

Data Centres are essential to the daily activities of all businesses as they facilitate the storing, processing and sharing of sensitive data and applications that are critical for business operations and continuity.

System users, data owners and end users, be it employees or customers have become increasingly demanding, requiring access to data and services without delay, putting pressure on organisations to be faster and more agile than ever before.

Without providing access to data, processes and applications, organisations can easily grind to a halt.

Data centres are a prime target for cyber attacks

Whilst a data centre security breach can provide access to sensitive data, exposing systems and applications to attackers gives hackers the ability to configure system settings which can be even more detrimental to the business, its employees and customers.

A Hybrid Approach to Data Centres

Assets and applications are now typically stored and accessed via data centres in the cloud – both public and private – in some instances assets are still stored in physical data centres.

Many businesses are taking a hybrid path, mixing a combination of both cloud and traditional approaches, for a more tailored, flexible, agile, dynamic and cost effective data centre solution.

Implementing cyber security solutions to protect a hybrid data centre infrastructure can therefore be extremely complex, and totally unique as ‘one size’ does not fit ‘all’.

Complex Data Centre Environments Require Specialist Cyber Security Input

Specialist expertise is required to develop a streamlined and comprehensive cyber security strategy that secures and protects both physical and cloud environments, or a mix of both.

We work closely with clients to secure their data centre environments, to provide:

  • ‘Purpose built’ strategies designed around the unique needs of each organisation
  • ‘Best in class’ threat prevention security solutions
  • Integrated solutions that work together without conflict, reducing complexity and minimising the risk of gaps in your security posture
  • Complete visibility across all/multiple locations whether public cloud, private cloud or physical buildings
  • Operational efficiency via Automation and AI
  • Centralised and simple management from one central location
  • Granular control for when you need to drill down and be specific
  • Flexibility so that your security can be easily adapted as your business evolves
  • Resiliency to quickly deal with outages and downtime

Not sure where to start with securing your data centre environments?

Infosec Partners can help demystify the confusion surrounding data centre security.

As a recognised Fortinet partner of distinction with specific expertise within data centre security, we provide Consultancy and Managed Security Solutions to keep data secure, systems safe and your reputation intact.

Infosec Partners are the most qualified Fortinet partner globally. We are a certified expert level Fortinet MSSP partner. Our credentials demonstrate a strong commitment to working with clients to secure and protect their data centres from cyber threats.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation be more cyber secure.






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