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The ability to keep your company’s data and network operations secure can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

Infosec Partners provide the necessary technology and expertise to address your security vulnerabilities as well as identify and respond to emerging threats in real-time. We provide an enterprise-grade security service at a price even small and medium-sized businesses can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Infosec Partners Managed Security Service?

Infosec Partners provides a full suite of network security services. Our service offering provides clients with the most advanced cyber threat detection technologies as well as a team of security experts to protect your IT & OT systems and data on an ongoing basis. We provide protection for all of your critical core network resources (servers, switches, firewalls etc.), as well as any remote and mobile devices. We find and fix vulnerabilities, monitor systems and detect threats in real-time, respond to any cyber incidents, and provide you with complete visibility of your security posture. If actionable security issues develop, we will alert and communicate with your personnel or respond to incidents automatically as part of our comprehensive, closed-loop service program.

Are Managed Security Services Expensive?

You’ll be astonished at how simple and inexpensive it is to put our managed security service in place. The service is intended to reduce both the cost and the complexity of cyber security. We provide a security operations centre (SOC), threat intelligence, and a team of cyber professionals at your disposal based on your individual requirements. For an affordable fee your business will receive our enterprise grade security services to keep your business operations secure and reputation intact.

What is the Infosec Partners security service model?

Our security program model assesses your organisation’s security posture based on actual, identified dangers. We discover security flaws and then assess the type and severity of each vulnerability. We then carry out any necessary remediation to remedy the discovered security gaps, thereby building a stronger baseline security posture. Our ultimate goal is to help your company run more securely, not just to lock things down. The more secure you are, the more efficient and safe your operations will be.

How will managed security services lower my security risks?

Infosec Partners provide a comprehensive, multi-level security program designed to protect your specific risks and business requirements. We provide a robust security foundation and assist your business by proactively managing any risks within a constantly evolving threat landscape. The first step in our methodology is to identify and evaluate your security threats and weaknesses. These risks and gaps are prioritised and addressed in order to reduce your vulnerabilities. Following this, we assume the responsibilities of your IT security department, monitoring ongoing activity and changes around the clock with 24×7 monitoring, expert analysis, incident alerting, and response services.

What is a GAP analysis?

Our gap analysis research covers a wide range of cyber security topics for businesses of all sizes. We investigate industry standards and governance criteria that will apply to your business. We collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data to identify vulnerabilities within your current security posture. Then, based on your business processes, market strategy, and budget, we make recommendations on how to mitigate those risks and manage emerging threats.

What tools will Infosec Partners use to manage our security?

Our managed service aims to improve your cyber security using a multi-faceted approach. This combination includes best practices from the industry, cutting-edge cyber security solutions, and cyber security expertise that only our trained security team can provide. We have strategic alliances with a number of world class security providers and can even manage technology that you’ve already invested in.

Our business already has a firewall and antivirus. Why would i need additional security services?

This is fantastic news! Both are essential components of a comprehensive security strategy. However, robust security requires numerous layers of protection, and there are a host of other needs to ensure your network is adequately safeguarded. Our next-generation security services can complement existing investments in network security (such as firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion detection systems) to help improve your overall network security. We can show you where your security baseline stands today by identifying any existing weaknesses and can enhance your position with comprehensive solutions and advice that keep you safe.

We already have an in-house it department that takes care of our security, so aren’t we already adequately protected?

Your IT staff are a very valuable asset to your company and will still be needed. Security specialists, like specialists found in other industries, provide a far deeper level of understanding, experience and expertise. Cyber security necessitates a highly specialised skill set that most IT professionals simply do not possess, also security is a full-time activity that extends above and beyond typical IT functions. Our trusted team works closely with your IT team in the same way that many sales and marketing teams work seamlessly. We have the security capabilities, tools, and expertise that has moved security from a “desired” capability to an “essential” capability for all organisations, large and small.

Why do we need an MSSP when we already have an IT service provider?

Most IT service providers concentrate solely on the break/fix aspect of IT, as well as the installation and support of workstation hardware and software. While this is an excellent service, it does not constitute network security, even if it includes end-point protection such as antivirus software. Our solutions are intended to supplement the services provided by your traditional IT provider. We offer services that other IT service providers do not offer, such as vulnerability assessments, real-time threat detection and alerting, and incident analysis and response. These features combine to make our program a critical, additional layer of protection that you are unlikely to receive from your IT provider.

What distinguishes Infosec Partners from other MSSPS?

We approach IT security from a business enablement standpoint, rather than a lockdown and prevent perspective. We begin by examining your business drivers and processes, and then we tailor your security strategy to your needs – not the other way around. We don’t sell you software or hardware that just adds to the complexity. Instead, we design a customised program to help you do business more securely and efficiently. Our goal is to assist your business in growing and thriving while mitigating ever-changing risk.

We recently passed our PCI-DSS and ISO compliance audits. Why should we be concerned about increasing security controls?

Both compliance and security are critical. However, you can be compliant while still having security gaps. We understand how important it is for your policies, processes, and governance to be in accordance with industry and governmental regulations. However, compliance does not guarantee that all necessary security measures are in place and functioning properly. Infosec Partners systems and processes support compliance while also establishing a more proactive and comprehensively secure IT environment.

We can’t possibly have any security issues because we’re such a small operation, RIGHT?

WRONG! 70% of all security breaches occur to businesses and organisations with less than 100 employees. Furthermore, after a major cyber-attack, approximately 60% of small to medium-sized businesses fail within six months. This means that smaller businesses require just as much security as larger ones – if not more. No company, regardless of size, should regard itself as a low-value target. Small and medium-sized businesses’ networks and employee devices are now more vulnerable to attack than ever, thanks to a plethora of readily available hacking tools.
In the past, enterprise-grade security has only been available to major businesses and government organisations with huge budgets. Infosec Partners have reduced the cost barrier to greater security, allowing businesses of any size to compete on a more equal playing field.

Why should we care about cyber security when we don’t have any critical data that hackers would want?

Your payroll records, accounting, and financial processing systems contain important and valuable information. You may also be the owner of intellectual property. In some cases, your duties may involve government-mandated security compliance, and safeguarding your data records won’t be your sole concern. Other risks and responsibilities include preventing staff errors and abuse, as well as hostile breaches that may be used to target a business partner, customer, or even a member of your own staff.

What is meant by “the correct security will enable growth?”

Traditionally, the profession of cyber security has been defined by two equal and conflicting needs: improved security or increased usability. Previously, these requirements were quite tricky to balance, with increased security necessitating a reduction in flexibility and efficiency. Our main focus at Infosec Partners is on allowing both productivity and the security of valuable IT assets. We begin by examining how you do business, and then we include solutions and approaches that will most effectively protect and support your business operations.

How will having good cyber security make our business more profitable?

A secure network environment enables employees to be more efficient. For clients and business partners, it also increases the satisfaction and trust levels when dealing with your organisation. A secure, reliable network helps give your customers access to exactly what they need quickly and without compromise, which will increase satisfaction, trust and loyalty. Clients often choose suppliers that they can trust, so secure operations can definitely be used as a sales and marketing tool. We can also help you protect the revenue you generate from mistakes, misuse, and malice. And, depending on your target markets and business strategies, we can help with a variety of other security related issues as well. We can also provide assistance for a number of additional security related concerns, depending on your target markets, business plans and objectives.

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