Infosec Partners Decoy & Deception System


The Cyber attack early warning system from Infosec Partners is an advanced decoy and deception system that provides an early warning of cyber security attacks with with no false positives.

As cyber attack vectors become more and more complex, it is essential that organisations are able to detect suspicious activity earlier in the attack chain and respond to it accordingly. Decoy & Deception technology provides security teams with an early warning to any suspicious network activity.

Whilst many modern detection systems wait until critical assets have been compromised to send alerts, and some others will  only analyse log and network data – and don’t provide enough details, such as how the cyber attacker gained access, or where they’re heading next.

  • Bespoke analyst research into domains, emails, websites and online leaked data
  • Powerful Data Loss Prevention and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that alerts when an attacker attempts to access sensitive data
  • Threat intelligence and incident correlation
  • Specific markers and threat indicators tuned and tailored to each  environment (Maritime/Education/Government/Industry/Commerce etc.)
  • Risk assessment of all alerts – Cybersoc Portal daily, weekly and emergency reporting of security breaches
  • Behaviour based monitoring of activity System security audit and profiling

Early Warning System for Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attack Early Warning System

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