We Can.

All firewalls are not the same

Which firewall types does your organisation need? NGFW, UTM, ISFW, WAF, SWG, SEG, CFW, DCFW. It's easy to get into a muddle with all the acronyms. Security vendors typically don't make it easy for you to compare, thinking that more terminology is a good thing. It can take an expert to sort through the technical and marketing jargon and organisations often depend on the reseller that sold them the solution to configure, implement and support/manage it. Unfortunately, many resellers are limited in their overall security knowledge and provide you with a vanilla configuration that's not part of a fully integrated security strategy. Worst case is that you invest a lot of money thinking you have the latest firewall with all the features you need, yet many are not properly configured leaving with with an expensive and potentially catastrophic false sense of security.


We secure any firewall by any vendor

Whether you're looking to buy a new firewall or looking for support for your existing ones, we have the real world experience and expertise to help. Managed firewall services by Infosec Partners provide you with reports that will help you and the board better understand the return on your security investment. Like clockwork we'll provide reports, as well as alerts on any suspicious activity, and provide risk analysis for any requested change of firewall rules. Updates and patches are similarly evaluated for risk, and applied at a time that will have the least down time and impact to your organisation and it's customers.

From fully managed firewalls to on call expertise, contact us today to find out about our range of firewall services.