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Fortinet Instant On - Managed Virtual Appliance Cyber Security

‘Instant On’ On Demand Fortinet Security Fabric Controls and Expert Cyber Managed Services

Instant On ‘PAY-AS-YOU-GROW’ Global Cyber Protection

Fortinet Instant On allows you to pay monthly for only the services you use, turn on or off as required, turn up or down as demand changes without changing hardware.

Fortinet Virtual Appliance On-Demand Cyber Services from Infosec Partners Include:-

Don’t ship hardware internationally & endure endless delays & customs negotiations
Do sign up for instant on, virtual security services
Don’t send engineers to site to deploy new security services
Do take advantage of on demand firewall, waf, siem & threat intelligence
Don’t change core infrastructure & introduce downtime
Do pay by monthly billing on subscription model
Don’t sign off multi year CAPEX investments
Do utilise existing or commodity hardware devices
Don’t delay protection waiting for sizing & project completion
Do achieve instant protection with none of the pain

“Fortinet ‘Instant On’ from Infosec Partners is a unique on demand solution to replace the Old World of CAPEX, sizing & capacity planning, shipping, customs, RMA, physical deployment and hardware refresh. With a far simpler New World of signup, turn on, with monthly billing and the added bonus of being able to scale up or down monthly as required.”
Mark Oakton – Infosec Partner Security Director

FREE Fortinet ‘Instant On’ Trial & Consultation

If you are interested in a free trial of our ‘Instant On’ Managed Fortinet Virtual Appliance service please leave a few contact details and one of our Trusted Advisors will get back to you. Or call us to speak with someone immediately:

+44 (0)203 892 4812

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