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Managed EDR as a Service

With our Managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) service in place, our security experts will continuously monitor, collect, record, and store endpoint data, to provide surveillance-like visibility that can be used to investigate incidents or to proactively hunt for threats in an environment.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security refers to the protection of any internet-connected device such as personal computers, servers, smartphones and tablets against cyber threats. Endpoints are vulnerable to a wide range of constantly evolving attack vectors, which means they are frequently targeted by cyber criminals.

3 truths about endpoint protection:

  • Data resides on endpoints, they will be attacked if not protected
    and without NGAV and EDR they WILL be compromised
  • The kill chain includes endpoint, firewall and email
    you WILL miss attacks if controls are not integrated
  • Attacks are automated and fast
    they WILL succeed if detection and response are not faster

Find threats faster with our EDR service to help minimise damage and protect your company data

Infosec Partners Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service extends visibility into endpoints to provide advanced threat hunting and detection across the entire network.

24/7 Managed EDR monitoring, threat hunting and advanced response 365 days a year

Our trusted team of security experts provide 24/7 monitoring of your network for insider threats and advanced attacks that can bypass traditional anti-virus and firewalls. With our industry leading real-time visibility and remediation services, you can be confident that your network is fully protected.

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We provide Managed Endpoint Detection & Response services for the following solutions:

Managed EDR - Endpoint, Detection and Response


Benefit from our industry leading Endpoint Detection and Response technology and expert 24/7 threat intelligence.

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