Round-the-clock Expert Security Assurance

Having real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing through your security information and event management (SIEM) and managed by a vigilent team of security experts, is essential for early warning of possible security breaches, reducing threat impact and enabling compliance with regulations and standards such as PCI DSS.

Whilst many excellent SIEM technologies exist, organizations are increasingly recognising that technology alone cannot deliver the expected benefits and that they need a corresponding investment in staff, configuration, and operational processes.

In practice, with the shortage in proven security expertise, it can be daunting to deliver and prohibitively expensive to build and train your own in-house team to provide your organisation with effective SIEM management and monitoring.

Flexible, Affordable Security Operations Expertise

Infosec Partners provide both hybrid and managed SIEM services ranging from a cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service up and running in days, to a fully architected and deployed on-premise, remotely managed and operated SIEM with fully vendor-certified and trained SIEM engineers to ensure a successful implementation as well as trusted advisors to ensure that the SIEM solution perfectly fits your organisation and provides:

SIEM configuration, fine-tuning, incidents and alerts
Proactive planned management of patches and updates
Monitoring of solution health, configuration, and privileged user access
Configuration backup and recovery
Flexible SLAs to match your organisation's risk profile, requirements and budget
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager