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  • Private Networks in the Public Cloud
  • Autoscale per Demand
  • Born in the cloud?
  • Globally resilient performance optimization


More and more enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure to extend internal data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. While Azure secures the infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting everything you put in it.Fortinet virtual appliances offer comprehensive security for your Azure workloads including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security.
Using Fortinet on Azure delivers the same powerful security controls as industry-leading hardware devices as well as:

  • Flexible billing integration: bring-your-own-license (BYOL)
  • Centralized management across your data center and public cloud deployment
  • Advanced high-availability failover for undisrupted secure cloud service
  • APIs for automation and orchestration with cloud and SDN extension

Microsoft Azure secured by Infosec Partners

Infosec Partner’s proven full-spectrum security expertise will ensure that your entire strategy is secure whether pure cloud or hybrid. We can get your Azure infrastructure reviewed and secured within 3 hours, as well as penetration test your cloud to show you what a motivated attacker can achieve and then we can help you mitigate any vulnerabilities discovered.

Pen test your cloud #secureazure

secure azure in less than 3 hrs



Leading firewalls work natively in Azure and provide the same level of protection they do in the on premise platforms.

Cloud security is excellent, easy, and can be in and working to protect your Azure environment in less than 3 hours.

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