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Personal Reputation & Cyber Security Protection Services
for VIPs, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, politicians, executives
and high net worth families

Almost every day there is a story in the newspapers about a high-profile individual having their systems attacked or their reputation tarnished. Infosec Partners’ VIPIT Cyber Security service offers trusted protection to individuals from all avenues of attack – as well as providing security advice that is far superior to that given to many Blue-Chip organisations.

VIPIT Reputation & Information Protection


Trusted protection for your home devices and family

Our Secure Residential Membership will secure you and your family against threats and attempted online intrusions. We help identify where potential threats might come from, where the hidden ‘back doors’ to your system are and act to eliminate those vulnerabilities in your information security.

  • Secure data storage and backup
  • Secure Email Communications
  • Secure Internet usage and web browsing
  • Staff and third-party supplier security assessment and verification


Protecting your reputation, family and assets, wherever they are

Your lifestyle takes you around the world, on business, on holiday or visiting friends and family. You should be equally as secure when travelling as you are at home. VIPIT’s Global Membership is an extension of our Residence service, implementing the same level of protection for your additional properties, Yacht, Hotel or time-share properties worldwide.

  • Multiple properties & locations (worldwide)
  • Personal Information Profiling and Security Review
  • Risk assessment and Improvement Recommendations
  • Proactive Reputation Monitoring and Protection


Secure calls, email and voicemail for your mobile devices

Mobile devices are, by definition, ‘mobile’ which means they are highly susceptible to loss and theft. Using the VIPIT service, we can prevent any data loss should the device be misplaced. We can even help locate it and, if required we can remotely lock it and securely wipe the device.

If you are concerned about the security of your voicemails, then our Secure Voicemail is the ideal solution for you. We can ensure that only you have access to your voicemails, and, should there be any unauthorised attempts to access, then we are informed.

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Secure Voicemail
  • Secure Applications
  • 24/7 support and security advice

VIPIT Security – Control your online reputation

Does your online reputation precede you?

If your reputation is critical to your livelihood such as a celebrity, doctor, lawyer, or executive,
then it’s in your best interest to protect your name.
VIPIT offers a fully inclusive service to suppress negative online material with positive content you control.

The internet is an open forum that allows anyone to make comments about you or your business – whether they are true or not. Negative content from online articles, blogs, and inaccurate reviews can appear in and you may not even realise that you have a problem and once the content gets online, it can almost never be deleted. Nowadays the first impression of an individual or business is usually determined online, negative material in search results can have an immediate and damaging impact on your business and your livelihood.

VIPIT Security helps high profile individuals and celebrities turn their online image from a potential liability to an asset by removing the negative references and promoting the positives to create a professional profile. Search engines often key in on one bad article, which can overshadow all of the good ones and inaccurately define an individual or company online.

These days a person’s online reputation moulds their image before they can and often makes an impactful first impression to employers, dating partners, family, friends, or anyone who knows how to use a search engine or social media.

VIPIT Security Membership gives its clients the freedom to accurately portray themselves online and guarantees immediate and long-term results.  We can restore the clients’ online reputation, promote their online presence and protect their online image, privacy and offer long-term results by tailoring a bespoke approach based on a client’s needs and current situations to help individuals and businesses restore their online reputations, promote their online presence, and control their online image.

Everyone has a chapter in their life that they would like to close, we help our clients take back control of their online profile and portray a more accurate reflection of themselves.


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