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Secure Your Hybrid Environment

Security considerations for the cloud

The reduced costs and increased operational efficiency, productivity, agility and flexibility promised by Cloud have made it hard to ignore. As organisations of all sizes and in all industries look to take advantage, whether the target is transition to a full cloud environment or a hybrid environment there are significant security considerations that need to be managed.

Data protection compliance

Perhaps your organisation handles customer credit card data, patient health information or other PII, or you work with data spread across multiple countries. Even if your infrastructure, applications and data are in a cloud that is supplied by AWS, Azure etc. you are still ultimately responsible for complying with laws and industry specific regulations pertaining to security and privacy such as the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in May 2018.

Concerned about securing hybrid?

You're not alone. According to an October 2016 survey by Bitdefender, 70% of CIOs and CSOs surveyed replied they are 'concerned' or 'completely concerned' about managing the security of hybrid infrastructure. This number is not likely to reduce as analysts predict continued growth.

“Aside from the fact that many organizations with a no-cloud policy actually have some under-the-radar or unavoidable cloud usage, we believe that this position will become increasingly untenable. Cloud will increasingly be the default option for software deployment. The same is true for custom software, which increasingly is designed for some variation of public or private cloud. By 2020, a corporate 'no-cloud' policy will be as rare as a 'no-internet' policy is today. Technology providers will increasingly be able to assume that their customers will be able to consume cloud capabilities.

Jeffrey Mann, Research VP at Gartner

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Infosec Partners helps address core Hybrid concerns:

Security Risk Assessment
We help you identify the risks involved with moving your infrastructure, platform or services to the cloud and work with you to define an acceptable risk profile and the strategies to manage these risks.
Data Protection
We help you ensure that on moving your data to the cloud, you maintain suitable levels of compliance with relevant laws, industry regulations and standards.
Data Redundancy & Business Continuity
We evaluate your business continuity processes to the ISO 22301 standard and ascertain the security of your data at rest and as backups.


Encryption & Access Control
When dealing with a multi-tenant situation within a cloud service provider network, encryption is an absolute necessity, not just at rest but for the entire data lifecycle.
Data visibility & cloud policy management
We help ensure that the necessary monitoring is in place to track the traffic flow in and out of data stores and ensure that security policies are met whether you utilise a single or multi-cloud environment with one or more cloud service providers.
We help you ensure that your security approach can grow with your organisation and is well prepared to meet constantly evolving security challenges.

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