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Maximising Your Cyber Security Capabilities with Outsourced SOC Services

By May 31, 2023No Comments
Outsourced SOC as a Service

With the threat landscape continually evolving, organisations require 24/7 network monitoring and rapid response to minimise the impact of cyber incidents. The quicker a breach is identified and contained, the less damage there is to an organisations infrastructure, value and reputation.

However, it’s nigh on impossible to achieve 24/7 monitoring and response 365 days a year within most organisations. That’s why, at a time when skilled cyber security resource is precious and highly sought after, many organisations are outsourcing their security monitoring and response requirements to an external SOC (Security Operations Centre) provided by a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) such as Infosec Partners.

By outsourcing all or some of your security responsibilities, your organisation can then focus its full attention on core business, with the added benefit of scalable and flexible cyber support as your business evolves.

Benefit from greater cyber security protection with our SOC-as-a-Service

Infosec Partners provides outsourced SOC services as part of our Managed Security Services offering, enabling our clients to benefit quickly from greater security protection for significantly less cost when compared to building and maintaining an inhouse team.

Utilising the latest technology from best in breed product providers such as Fortinet, our cyber analysts are always on the look out for suspicious activity across your entire infrastructure.

We share learnings and lessons from across our client base, coupled with deeper industry threat intelligence, and are able to leverage this information to maximise your detection, defence and response capabilities.

Going one step further, we proactively hunt down and detect emerging and advanced cyber threats, taking rapid action before they cause significant harm to your organisation.

Ultimately, by working as part of your team, our Managed Security Services delivered through our SOC greatly improves the MTTD (mean time to detect) of an incident, and reduces the MTTR (mean time to recovery) for your organisation, giving you peace of mind that incidents are mitigated before serious damage is caused.

Interested in finding out more about our managed SOC services?

Want to benefit from our market-leading knowledge, experience and expertise?

If your organisation requires additional cyber security support but you are not sure where to start, we can advise you on the best approach.

Working with you we will assess risks, define strategies and then support the delivery and ongoing management of those strategies through our expert SOC team, providing the assurance and peace of mind that you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our outsourced SOC services and how we can help you protect your organisation.



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