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Movie Hacks - Film Media & Entertainment Cyber Security

Film, Media and Entertainment companies face very similar cyber security challenges and attacks to many other customer facing industries. These include the protection of personal data, demonstrating compliance, improving operational efficiency, avoiding unnecessary downtime and protecting intellectual property.

Film, Media & Entertainment Cyber Security

HBO, Netflix, and Sony have all recently been victims of major hacking incidents. These breaches have made these giants of the entertainment industry realise the importance of taking cyber security seriously, after personal information of their actors, movie makers, and film crews had been compromised and exploited.

The cost of cyber security attacks on media and entertainment organisations can be exponential

Cyberattacks within the entertainment industry can wreak havoc and have a serious impact on the bottom line

“The repercussions of successful breaches can be devastating, from shows or movies being leaked before they have been released, to the exposure of personal and financial information of the cast and crew. The cost of this can also be devastating, both financially and artistically, and ultimately could even cause the shutdown of operations.”
Mark Oakton
Security Director – Infosec Partners

The increased  reliance on digital mediums has helped increase the likelihood of hackers gaining access to systems. However, hackers aren’t the only security challenge the industry is facing, it is now every single person associated with the production.

The increased vulnerabilities stem from the sheer volume of people involved in the productions. In addition to the actors, extras, makeup artists, costume departments and production teams, studios also tend to hire a wide range of freelancers.

Almost every document relating to the movie is in digital format and many of the crew will have access to the scripts, story or plot lines on their computers, tablets or smartphones. This shift has created even greater vulnerabilities and provided an even wider attack surface that can be exploited either internally or externally.

While the film, media and entertainment industry can’t avoid many of above the above mentioned factors, they must consider implementing controls to ensure that data and intellectual property remains secure and compliant.

The importance of cyber security is constantly increasing considering the ever growing consumption of content. Fighting piracy and ensuring content delivery remains secure and flexible are key motivators for the entertainment industry to employ state-of-the-art cyber security solutions and consultancy services.

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