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Next Generation Decoy & Deception – Honeypots on Steroids

By December 14, 2022No Comments
deception technology for networks

The strategy of deceiving cyber attackers isn’t a new one, Deception Technology has been around, in various formats, for the past 20 years. Initially Honeypots were purposely deployed as static physical decoys placed across networks, looking to gain an insight into the behaviour and tactics of attackers. Honeypots are typically time consuming and expensive to successfully deploy and manage. As networks have increased in complexity and attacks in sophistication, the benefits of honeypots have become limited and don’t justify the cost of maintaining. In comparison, the next generation of decoy and deception technology overcomes the limitations of Honeypots.

Next Gen Decoy & Deception Technology – A ‘Hall of Mirrors’

The capabilities and benefits of modern deception technology:

  • Faster to deploy, can be deployed with the click of a mouse
  • Hundreds or even thousands of decoys can be dispersed, creating what is known as a ‘hall of mirrors’
  • Covers the entire network
  • Can mimic just about anything including servers, endpoints, network appliances, and IoT devices
  • Difficult to bypass as decoys can be placed anywhere and everywhere, requires no infrastructure changes
  • Scalable to protect ever changing networks
  • Adaptive and dynamic, can change deceptions automatically to mimic a real life network
  • Configured to behave in a certain way, and automated to carry out specific tasks to appear authentic to cyber criminals, making it impossible for an attacker to clearly know which are deceptions and which are real.
  • Laterally tracks an attackers moves across more attack vectors,even if deceptions aren’t deployed on every machine
  • Is smart as presents the attacker with endless elements of false information to mislead and disorientate them
  • Decoys are maintained through a central solution, simplifying the management process
  • Provides accurate and real-time forensics, no false positives, without the attacker knowing their movements are being monitored
  • Proactive as enables rapid investigation and automated response
  • An additional layer of security, we build the deception strategy on top of your existing core security controls
  • The cost and complexity to implement and manage is low compared to other security technology

Decoy and deception technology is the most underused security control in this industry yet it is one that can be deployed the fastest and is the only one that has a zero false positive alerting mechanism.” Mark Oakton, Director OT Security, Infosec Partners

Affordable and Flexible – Fully Managed Deception Technology

There are many deception cyber solutions on the market that can be deployed. We only work with the leading providers of next generation decoy and deception technology including Fortinet, SentinelOne and Cynet.

As full-spectrum security experts, Infosec Partners are one of the few security companies to offer a fully managed deception security service. Our team of cyber experts can design, deploy and manage deception technology for your organisation, instantly providing the trusted expertise you need in a flexible and affordable managed deception security solution. Get in touch today for more information.



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