Deception Technology To Outmaneuver And Reveal In-Network Threats

The Attivo Networks® ThreatDefend™ platform uniquely provides visibility throughout the attack lifecycle, detects activity overlooked by traditional security controls, and accelerates incident response with automated attack analysis and incident handling.

A well-designed deception technology system is designed to fit non-disruptively into an organisation’s existing security ecosystem. Deception and decoy solutions provide an additional line of defense for networks, data centres, cloud and SCADA environments to address the situations where attackers have bypassed prevention security systems and real-time notification of inside the network threats is required.

Early and Accurate Detection

Provide a complete solution with Deceptions Everywhere approach
• Lateral movement and credential theft
• Ever-changing threat landscape
• Evolving attack surface
• Internal and external threat actors

Accelerated Incident Response
• Advanced attack analysis
• Substantiated alerts
• Automated incident response
• Threat path visibility and attack visualization