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Partner Benefits

Expert Cybersecurity Services For Your Clients

The key principle upon which Infosec Partners was founded is as apparent today as when it was first established; namely to enable organisations to meet tailored Governance, Risk Management and Compliance programmes through a trusted network of Information Security experts and partners.

Infosec Partners operates with both B2C and B2B models. A select number of international business consultancies and systems integrators secure their clients with assured expertise from Infosec Partners.

Whether Infosec Partners operate as a behind-the-scenes white-labelled ‘Security Arm’ for these organisations, or is identified as their official Security Services Partner of choice, an effective symbiosis exists because of the acknowledged value that Infosec Partners delivers. The quality of service and professionalism of these select organisations – which primarily work with large organisations in both the public and private sectors – is matched by the expertise and capability of Infosec Partners.

The Infosec Partners Advantage

Being an Infosec Partner affords not just access to our top quality personnel, but along with our global presence and vendor relations, we enable your business with the added benefits of scalability, expertise and reach across verticals and geographies.

  • Enhance your existing security offering or build new security and risk management solutions
  • Expand your sales targets by addressing executive and board level concerns
  • Offer value-added services to your customers with cyber risk insights personalised to their business
  • Give your clients a way to understand their cyber risks and demonstrate the value of your combined service offering
  • Improve your productivity by reducing the effort to monitor existing and future threats


Looking to offer your clients expert cybersecurity services? 

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