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Cybersecurity has become a big data problem. Solving it requires sophisticated analytics and the computational power and agility of the cloud. Utilising the Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud platform, Infosec Partners can help protect you from the most advanced threats.

Carbon Black CB Defense

Next Generation Antivirus

Infosec Partners managed CB Defense service is designed to replace traditional Antivirus software, by stopping the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks and provides the detection and response capabilities needed to address every threat. CB Defense uses a fundamentally different approach to detect and block malicious activity, taking a complete system-centric view of endpoint security rather than simply focusing on point-in-time malware threats.

Stops Known and Unknown Attacks

Innovative streaming prevention technology stops ransomware, malware, and non-malware attacks.

Real-Time Detection

Integrated detection and response alerts Infosec Partners to suspicious activity – which helps us quickly isolate and remediate threats.

Lightweight & Easy

Cloud-delivered agents are deployed seamlessly, while a dynamic console shows everything we need to know at a glance.

Carbon Black CB Response

Increased Visibility to Respond Faster

Cyber Incident response is about getting answers quickly. It is essential to have all details of endpoint activity available at all times. This information allows Infosec Partners to visualise the attack, see it evolve, and determine the root cause of an infiltration and the intended targets. With complete visibility, Infosec Partners are able to quickly find conclusive answers to the questions that need answering.

Cuts Investigation Time

Infosec Partners Managed Security CB Response platform continuously records endpoint activities and stores it centrally for rapid access. We can “roll back” at any time, dramatically shortening investigation time from days to minutes.

Reduces Overheads

Live Response allows Infosec Partners to remotely investigate and remediate any endpoint, drastically reducing IT overheads and the need for reimaging.

Unparalleled Threat Visibility

Detailed process trees reveal the root cause of every attack, so we can quickly close security gaps and stop future attacks.

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Carbon Black CB Defense Demo


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