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Cofense Phishing prevention

Cofense Phishing Prevention & Reaction

Stop Phishing Threats That Evade ‘Secure’ Email Gateways

Cofense is the first purpose-built phishing detection and response platform designed to quickly detect phishing attacks that would normally evade your secure email gateway solutions.

Quickly identify phishing campaigns, verify high priority threats, and stop attacks

Combining the power of human detection with advanced automated response, this phishing prevention and awareness solution assists organisations in quickly identifying phishing campaigns, verifying high priority threats, and stopping attacks.


  • Recognise
    If a phishing attack bypasses your existing defence measures, employees must be able to detect the attack.
  • Reporting
    When an employee reports an attack it enables response to acute threats much faster.
  • React
    You can collect and analyse data on real phishing threats much faster and react quicker.
  • Investigate
    Cofense provides human-verified analysis of phishing and ransomware attacks and any malware that they may contain.

cofense phishing prevention attack response

Seek and destroy the phishing threats that your email gateway misses with Cofense powerful solutions:

  • PhishMe
    Build employee resilience through phishing awareness training and threat simulations, empowering your users to become human threat detectors
  • Cofense LMS
    Phishing learning management system provides a streamlined computer based security awareness training for employees, customise and scale to raise your employees’ cybersecurity awareness and enhance their ability to detect phishing threats
  • Cofense Reporter
    Makes it easy for employees to quickly report suspicious emails, real threats in real-time
  • Cofense Triage
    Improve your response time with integration and automation, enabling you to accelerate phishing email analysis, investigation, and response
  • Cofense Vision
    Search and quarantine emails across your whole organisation within minutes

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All secure email gateways allow phishing threats to pass through. Rapid threat detection and response has never been more important.
While your Secure Email Gateway (SEG) serves its purpose by removing known threats from your users’ inboxes, no system is completely secure. When malicious emails arrive in the inbox, the likelihood of at least one click remains high.

What are you doing to protect your company from a data breach?

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