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CrowdStrike MSSP - Managed Cyber Security Service


Infosec Partners is the best choice for comprehensive, unparalleled security. As a CrowdStrike MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider), we use the powerful platform, managed by our expert analysts, to deliver a fully managed service that keeps your business safe and secure. Trust us to provide the highest level of protection for your business.

CrowdStrike protects against all types of attack

Bringing together next-generation antivirus, EDR (endpoint detection and response), with a 24/7 managed hunting service, into a single lightweight platform, Crowdstrike protects and secures the most critical areas of organisational risk from cyber breaches, advanced cyber attacks and emerging cyber threats.

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform leverages real-time indicators of attack and threat intelligence to deliver hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and remediation, elite threat hunting and prioritised observability of vulnerabilities.

Customer Benefits

CrowdStrike provides comprehensive visibility and protection across your critical areas of risk: endpoints, workloads, data, and identity.

Organisations of all sizes can realise the benefits of the platform:

  • Superior protection: Prevention and detection against all attack types- both malware and malware free
  • Exceptional performance: Consolidates a full range of security functionality into one integrated solution
  • Instant visibility: Harnesses the power of AI and big data to empower your organisation with instant visibility
  • Reduced complexity: Cloud native so eliminates complexity and simplifies security
  • Ease of deployment: single agent deployment, provides maximum effectiveness on day one
  • Better value: Cloud architecture reduces cost while adding speed, efficacy and scalability

We are CrowdStrike Experts

Infosec Partners only work with industry recognised leaders. As a leading MSSP we only partner with providers of the best cyber security platforms and solutions.

We are recognised by CrowdStrike as technical experts with experience in configuring, implementing and fully managing a Crowdstrike solution designed for the unique needs of your organisation.

Our highly skilled security analysts are experts in threat hunting and incident response and are well versed in utilising the platform as part of broader managed security strategy to stop breaches, protect your critical assets, keep ahead of the latest threats, and solve your cyber security challenges.

Technology, intelligence, and expertise combined; using the platform our team of security analysts deliver advanced cyber security that works.  Get in touch for more information.


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