Secure & Controlled Access


Network and Internet access is key for almost every role within the enterprise; however, this requirement must be balanced with the risk that it brings. The key objective of every enterprise is to provide secure but controlled network access enabling the right person the right access at the right time, without compromising on security.

Fortinet Single Sign-On is the method of providing secure identity and role-based access to the Fortinet connected network. Through integration with existing Active Directory or LDAP authentication systems, it enables enterprise user identity based security without impeding the user or generating work for network administrators.

builds on the foundations of Fortinet Single Sign-on, adding a greater range of user identification methods and greater scalability. FortiAuthenticator is the gatekeeper of authorization into the Fortinet secured enterprise network identifying users, querying access permissions from third-party systems and communicating this information to FortiGate devices for use in Identity-Based Policies.

Strengthen security by ensuring only the right person at the right time can access your sensitive networks and data.


FortiAuthenticator delivers:

Ability to transparently identify network users and enforce identity-driven policy on a Fortinet-enabled enterprise network
Seamless secure two-factor/OTP authentication across the organization in conjunction with FortiToken
IEEE802.1X and social network-based authentication support for wired and wireless network security
Certificate management for enterprise wireless and VPN deployment