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Fortinet integrated security solutions


FortiBridge enables you to add traffic monitoring and security devices to your network, without any loss in network integrity.


  • FortiBridge ensures uptime and availability in case of device failure
  • Easy to add bypass functionality to FortiGate NGFW or other inline Fortinet devices
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Supports large range of network configurations: 1 GE, 10 GE, or 40 GE speeds


It can be a challenge to secure your network while also ensuring it’s always available. Using high-availability features of the security infrastructure where a system fails over to another unit helps reduce the risk of a network outage. However, to preserve availability in the event of a power failure or device malfunction, bypassing the device altogether with a fail-to-wire solution can ensure network continuity at times when security cannot be provided.

FortiBridge offers:

  • Fail-to-wire bypass to maximize uptime by automatically re-routing traffic in the event of device failure or power outage
  • Standalone 1 RU form factor to easily add bypass functionality to any existing inline security system
  • Remote configuration and monitoring so you can see and control the bypass status of network segments remotely
  • Large range of models including support for high-speed 10 GE or 40 GE ports, short- or long-range transceivers, and bypass functionality for up to four network segments

FortiBridge Bypass Appliances


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