Ensure Availability of Network Resources

It can be a challenge to secure your network while also ensuring it’s always available. Using high-availability features of the security infrastructure where a system fails over to another unit helps reduce the risk of a network outage. However, to preserve availability in the event of a power failure or device malfunction, bypassing the device altogether with a fail-to-wire solution can ensure network continuity at times when security cannot be provided.


FortiBridge offers:

Fail-to-wire bypass to maximize uptime by automatically re-routing traffic in the event of device failure or power outage
Standalone 1 RU form factor to easily add bypass functionality to any existing inline security system
Remote configuration and monitoring so you can see and control the bypass status of network segments remotely
Large range of models including support for high-speed 10 GE or 40 GE ports, short- or long-range transceivers, and bypass functionality for up to four network segments