Scale Network-based Security to Meet Performance Demands

Within SDN architectures, the separation of the control and data planes increases security challenges. Additionally, as SDN architectures are multipath environments, connecting and scaling network security devices requires the ability to programmatically direct and distribute traffic through them. The FortiCore SDN security appliance connects to SDN architectures, supporting both very large numbers of programmable flows and the effective line-rate performance required to secure SDN architectures.

FortiCore delivers:


Programmable flow forwarding to redirect and distribute traffic of interest to network security devices at link speeds up to 100 G
Support for OpenFlow 1.3 protocol requirements to provide interoperability with a range of leading SDN controllers and applications
Ability to connect an array of network security functions onto any given high-performance link within a core routed environment
Cardinal Flow Processing (CFP) architecture supports large flow table sizes without sacrificing performance
High 10 GE port density – 32 10 GE ports standard in all models to support large-scale east-west topologies