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FortiGuard for OT Environments

Industrial environments, particularly those in the energy, utilities, transportation, maritime, and healthcare sectors, have seen an increase in connected and internet-enabled OT (operational technology) systems due to the need for faster and more effective solutions.

To connect, monitor, and manage an organisation’s industrial operations and processes, various tools, apps and systems are employed. Industrial control systems (ICS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are frequently installed and utilised across industrial sectors, including those responsible for critical national infrastructure.

However inter-connected networks dramatically increase network complexity and expand the attack surface of an organisation. Cyber criminals then have more opportunities to enter a network as a result, their attack methods are getting more advanced, and are designed to cause disruption and instability on a large scale.

And yet research by Fortinet shows that businesses are moving too slowly to protect their IT/OT assets fully. As a result, Fortinet have developed a number of specialised OT cyber products and solutions, including The FortiGuard Industrial Security Service.

Stop Malicious Traffic Entering OT Environments

The FortiGuard Industrial Security Service provides specialised intrusion prevention system (IPS) signatures to detect and block malicious traffic targeting applications and devices in OT environments.  It now includes more than 2,000 application control signatures for OT applications and protocols plus intrusion prevention signatures for over 500 known ICS vulnerabilities. 

Combined with a FortiGate NGFW and backed up with threat intelligence from Fortiguard Labs, malicious traffic is stopped and blocked before causing harm to your operations.

Fortinet Industrial Security Service Features and Benefits

  • Core network protection – deep packet inspection to scan and analyse traffic at scale, to detect and block known and suspicious threats from targeting OT applications and devices
  • Protection for OT – extend IPS protection to OT devices and applications through specialised signature sets designed for common OT protocols and OT environments
  • Real time deployment – Fortinet is able to analyse and deploy new OT IPS signatures in near real time, accelerating protection and stopping further infection when a new threat is detected
  • Virtual patching – protects vulnerable OT apps from exploits when patches aren’t immediately applied, performs virtual patching of unprotected applications while awaiting a patch
  • Co-ordinated response – deploy new OT security countermeasures in near-real time through coordinated network actions
  • Life cycle protection – address initial access stages of the kill chain and MITRE ATT&CK® framework
  • OT system vendor collaboration – Fortinet works closely with automation and control system vendors to develop OT IPS signatures to address known vulnerabilities in their platforms

To Protect Complex OT Environments You Need OT Cyber Experts

Infosec Partners are recognised by Fortinet for our advanced skills and ability to deploy, manage and troubleshoot OT cyber security solutions in complex environments.

Our highly trained cyber security consultants will analyse your entire network and recommend actions that you can take to mitigate security and threat concerns, improve productivity and optimise the security of your OT network. Get in touch for more information.

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