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Fortinet integrated security solutions


Protect networks with IoT deployments

FortiNAC is Fortinet’s network access control solution that enhances the Security Fabric. FortiNAC provides protection against IoT threats, extends control to third-party devices, and orchestrates automatic responses to a wide range of networking events.


  • Identify and profile every single trusted and untrusted device
  • Automate the threat response for Fortinet and 3rd party network devices

With the proliferation of IoT devices, it is crucial that organisations can identify and profile the various end points connecting to their networks. A Network Policy and Access Control solution can profile those devices and then assign these appropriate levels of access and segmentation for preventative containment. With continuous monitoring of the network, our solution can detect endpoint risks and automatically orchestrate a response by Fortinet and 3rd party devices.

FortiNAC can be deployed centrally and manage remote locations

FortiNAC can be deployed centrally and manage remote locations

The IoT revolution has raised a new challenge for network owners. How can you see and protect against a myriad of devices showing up on the network? Network Access Control has come back to the forefront of security solutions to address that challenge. This technology was deployed to assist with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and is now getting renewed focus as a means to safely accommodate headless IoT devices in the network. FortiNAC enables three key capabilities to secure IoT devices:

  • Network visibility to see every device and user as they join the network
  • Network control to limit where devices can go on the network
  • Automated response to speed the reaction time to events from days to seconds

Collectively, these three capabilities provide the tools that network owners need to secure a world that is embracing IoT. The FortNAC solution protects both wireless and wired networks with a centralised architecture that enables distributed deployments with automated responsiveness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Agentless scanning
    Detect and identify headless devices as they connect to the network analytics
  • 17 profiling methods
    Utilise up to 17 different ways of determining the identity of a device
  • Simplified onboarding
    Automate onboarding process for large number of endpoints, users, and guests
  • Micro-segmentation
    With identified devices, FortiNAC can narrowly restrict network access for those devices to only necessary network assets
  • Extensive multi-vendor support
    Interact with and configure network devices (switches, wireless access points, firewalls, clients) from more than 150 vendors
  • Scalability
    FortiNAC architecture enables effective scaling to multi-site locations and supporting millions of devices
  • Fortinet Security Fabric
    FortiNAC can be deployed either as a standalone device or as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric

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    Due to an increase of BYOD (bring your own devices) and SMART devices connecting to networks, corporate infrastructures are growing in complexity, bringing substantial new security risks as unsecured devices dramatically increase the risk of intrusion, breach, and a catastrophic cyberattack.

    Network Access Control (NAC) solutions ensure compliance for all devices connecting to networks, checking that proper controls are in place before corporate network resources are accessible.

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