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Fortinet Next Generation SD-WAN


FortiRecon is a Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) product that extends threat intelligence outside your organisation’s perimeter, helping you stay ahead of threats before they become cyber attacks.

Broad Digital Risk Protection

Delivering an outside-the-network view of the cyber security risks external to your organisation, FortiRecon lets you see and mitigate underground and imminent threats, reducing the risk of a cyber attack, including those targeting your brand and digital presence and assets, which typically fall outside the remit of traditional cyber security strategies.

Delivering unified threat intelligence, it provides visibility about who the attacker is, what resources they use and how to stop them.

As an extension to your existing security architecture, FortiRecon builds upon security controls already employed in the network.

Key Features

  • Extensive asset discovery
  • Expert threat and incident expertise
  • Contextualised intelligence from far-reaching threat sources
  • Broad coverage of your digital footprint
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Swift action on imminent threats

Powerful Protection for your Digital Assets and Brand

Fortinet’s Digital Risk Protection Service offering uses machine learning, automation, and threat expertise to assess risk posture and advise on actions for quick remediation. Combining three powerful modules, it delivers broad digital risk protection:

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

With converging networks, expanding supply chains, cloud, and third-party-vendor reliance the attack surface of every organisation is constantly changing. Organisations require constant visibility of the entire risk surface, with clear insight into all new assets, software, and accounts added to the network. This module continually assesses an organisation’s digital surface, identifying known and unknown assets and any associated vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Adversary-Centric Intelligence (ACI)

FortiGuard threat experts monitor and assess the dark web, underground adversary forums, and open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources, gathering relevant, timely and actionable threat intelligence, helping by reducing risk and swiftly addressing significant threats.

Brand Protection

To stop your brand, reputation and value from being compromised, FortiRecon Brand Protection provides a brand-specific view of threats, delivering early warnings of brand and reputation risks. From credential breaches to typosquatting and defacements, rogue applications, harmful social media posts, brand impersonation, and phishing, FortiRecon offers fast mitigation in the form of takedown services.

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