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Fortinet FortiGate Firewall - integrated security solutions

Fortinet ZTNA

Securely Connecting Users to Applications

With an increase in migration to the cloud, hybrid working, BYOD and IoT connectivity, networks are becoming increasingly complex, resulting in additional challenges to achieving and maintaining a robust cyber security posture.

It’s critical for organisations to enable secure access from anywhere to any application – while applying consistent security policies.

Organisations typically grant access to trusted users and then verify them once they are ‘in’ the network, however many are now recognising that they need to keep ‘risks’ out of their network’s extended perimeter and only grant access once they’ve been vetted.

Adopting a ZeroTrust Network Access stipulates that requests to access the network are vetted and validated before access is granted.

Users and devices are verified before each and every session, confirming that they have the correct attributes (permissions) and to access the network and the individual applications within.

How Fortinet ZTNA Works

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) provides a better remote access solution than VPN
while also providing a layer of protection for cloud-based applications.

ZTNA provides granular control to applications no matter where the user or application exists, protecting them by effectively placing them behind a firewall.

All devices and users, including those working remotely, are authenticated and verified before they are allowed to access a particular application. It doesn’t matter if applications are in the data centre, private cloud, or public cloud as users and applications can be geographically independent and still create secure and reliable connections.

Through enforcing a granular set of security protections, Fortinet ZTNA simplifies secure connectivity and reduces the attack surface.

The solution includes a set of products that integrate into the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling easy management and end-to-end visibility:

Fortinet ZTNA Benefits

  • Supports a true work from anywhere approach
  • Brings Zero Trust to remote access
  • Consistent application access policies whether users are on or off the network
  • Granular access to applications
  • Per-session verification of users and devices
  • Leverages existing FortiGate NGFW
  • Easy transition from VPN

Specialist Expertise to Implement Fortinet ZTNA

Depending on existing resources and policies in place, some organisations require specialist consultancy to assist in configuring and implementing policies and tools, and in some cases analyst support to manage on an ongoing basis.

As a Fortinet expert level partner we leverage Fortinet’s advanced security solutions. Our highly trained security consultants are recognised by Fortinet as having specific expertise in designing, implementing and managing Zero Trust Network Access solutions.

Infosec Partners have the resources and expertise available to strengthen your security posture by limiting access to your network and applications, please get in touch with the team if you would like to know more.

Fortinet ZTNA Zero Trust Network Access


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