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Privileged Access Management

FortiPAM provides privileged access management and control for elevated and privileged accounts, processes, and systems across both IT and OT ecosystems. FortiPam helps organisations to lower their attack surface as it enables zero-trust principles to privileged accounts, ensuring that accounts and their credentials are not misused by accident, by threat actors, or by malicious insiders.

FortiPAM Features

FortiPAM enables organisations to have tight security for privileged accounts that require access, including secure remote access, to the most sensitive resources and critical assets within an organisation.

It enables the end-to-end management of privileged accounts:

  • Control of privileged user access
  • Management of privileged accounts to ensure they are kept safe
  • Management of privileged role-based user access centrally through administrative policies and workflow based approvals
  • Ability to monitor and audit privileged access via session video recording and keystroke monitoring
  • Secure file exchange and a password vault to manage all credentials and keep them secret
  • Part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiPAM integrates with FortiClient, FortiAuthenticator, and FortiToken to enable ZTNA (zero trust network access), single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication, delivering a full Identity and Access Management solution.

The Tightest Controls for Critical Assets in OT Environments

The demand for faster and more efficient systems has resulted in a rise of connected and internet enabled OT (operational technology) systems within industrial environments, especially within sectors supporting critical national infrastructure, such as energy, utilities, transport, maritime and healthcare. Cyber risks take on a whole new scale when you consider the potential consequences of attacks on critical infrastructure that if breached could result in dire consequences, even loss of life.

Critical assets within OT environments must be protected with the highest level of security and user access. FortiPAM has been specifically designed for operational technology. It allows for enhanced security, including ZTNA controls, bolstering the security defences of OT environments.

Secure your network, critical assets and OT environment with FortiPAM

We are globally recognised by Fortinet for our advanced skills and ability to deploy and manage cyber security solutions in complex and OT environments. Get in touch for more information and a free demo.

Fortinet ZTNA Zero Trust Network Access


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