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Fortinet integrated security solutions



  • Rapid detection and remediation of security events
  • Security, performance, and compliance management
  • Scalable architecture from IoT to the cloud
  • Pre-built compliance reports for faster time to value


Security breaches have, on average, taken nearly eight months to detect and are most often discovered by third-parties. If you can’t see, in real time, what’s happening throughout your network and remediate immediately, threats will proliferate, which can have devastating consequences for your business. FortiSIEM is an all-in-one platform that lets you rapidly find and fix security threats and manage compliance standards while reducing complexity (security information and event management), increasing critical application availability, and enhancing IT management efficiency.

Stay ahead of threats with the Fortinet SIEM platform’s:

  • Powerful and patented analytics engine for real-time correlation and alerting
  • Automated, self-learning Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and event consolidation
  • Multi-tenancy and scalability – ideal for cloud environments and MSPs
  • Robust, scalable log management
  • Pre-built compliance reports covering HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and more
  • Comprehensive and holistic performance and availability management

FortiSIEM for OT Environments

The demand for faster and more efficient systems has resulted in a rise of connected and internet enabled OT (operational technology) systems within industrial environments. Devices, applications, industrial control systems (ICS), programmable logic controllers (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are all used to connect, monitor and manage an organisation’s industrial operations and processes.

The rise in connected networks significantly complicates a network bringing increased opportunities for cyber attackers. Organisations utilising OT need the right cyber security technology to protect their devices, networks, assets, processes and reputation. Fortinet have introduced specialised cyber security solutions for OT environments, as a result the FortiSIEM unified security analytics dashboards now includes:

  • event correlation and mapping of security events to the Purdue Model
  • built-in parsers for OT security solutions
  • a MITRE ATT&CK for ICS (industrial control system) dashboard for OT-specific threat analysis
  • support for data-diode technologies

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Infosec Partners are proven experts in full-spectrum cyber security and a team you can trust

Infosec Partners can provide, configure, manage and integrate FortiSIEM within your network infrastructure and meet your organisation’s specific needs. Because we are certified experts across the entire portfolio of Fortinet solutions, we can also optimise your Fortinet Security Fabric as well as any legacy systems.

FortiSIEM also powers the FortiSecured Managed Security Services Provision by Infosec Partners. The FortiSIEM Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) capabilities of this service provide customers with automated security and performance audits of their specific security infrastructure and advisories to help prevent unplanned service disruptions as well as prevent problems before they impact performance and service delivery.

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See how FortiSIEM can help you secure and monitor your network:

  • Understand where your next data breach will come from
  • Automate compliance for PCI, HIPAA, and SOX
  • Consolidate tools and reporting
  • Eliminate “alert overload” … understand what’s important
  • Monitor and meet your SLAs

Please leave a few contact details and one of our Trusted Advisors will get back to you. Or call us to speak with someone immediately:

+44 (0)203 892 4812

    Infosec Partners are the most qualified Fortinet partner in the World

    As digital transformation sweeps across all industries, the attack surface has grown at an alarming pace, making security management increasingly difficult due to an increase of alerts and information generated by a multitude of security devices. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions help by analysing event data in real time, assisting the early discovery of data breaches and targeted attacks.

    As a dedicated cyber security business, Infosec Partners have invested significantly in training our security consultants to become experts in the complete portfolio of Fortinet security products and solutions.

    As a result, we are the most trained, qualified, and certified Fortinet partner GLOBALLY.

    Our experienced team can be trusted to design, operate and manage comprehensive security solutions for the most complex of security environments.

    As a Fortinet partner of distinction, we are extremely proud to provide our clients the highest level of cyber security protection, service and support.


    Why FortiSIEM?

    Current security models often attempt to consolidate security by leveraging traditional SIEM solutions to collect log, syslog, and netflow data from perimeter security and point solutions. However, zero-day threats and security compromises can evade detection when their network activity is lost in the noise of a traditional SIEM solution, which can overload a security analyst with events for manual analysis.


    Fortinet FortiSIEM provides organizations with a comprehensive, holistic and scalable solution, from IoT to the Cloud, with patented analytics that are actionable to tightly manage network security, performance and compliance standards, all delivered through a single pane of glass view of the organization. FortiSIEM brings context to the security, availability, and performance data collected across the network. Data from physical and virtualised systems, network devices, applications, and public and private clouds are collected and analysed. This results in Unified Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analytics patented by Fortinet, which is a holistic approach that can leverage data from security solutions as well as performance, availability, change monitoring, and compliance data from network devices and hosts, to provide:

    • Advanced security and operational intelligence
    • Rapid incident identification and response
    • Change and compliance monitoring and reporting


    Next Generation Security Information and Event Management, or Next Gen SIEM, capabilities from FortiSIEM coupled with FortiGuard Labs global threat intelligence and third-party threat feeds will allow Enterprises to benefit from prioritised, coordinated responses and actionable threat intelligence across the distributed network on a subscription basis.

    FortSIEM detects complex IT patterns in high volume events and data to automatically make sense of complexity – in real-time. The system gets smarter as new patterns are learned, enabling it to automatically handle new scenarios. To handle scale you simply add virtual machines to the FortiSIEM cluster, we do the rest. No need to resize servers and manually redistribute data.

    Security is no longer just about protecting information, it is critical to maintaining trust with customers and protecting the organization’s brand and reputation. Breaches cause customers to take their business elsewhere, resulting in material and substantially negative impacts to an organization’s bottom line. Attracting new customers is estimated at seven times more costly than keeping existing customers. Fines and legal fees can quickly add up. Publicly traded organizations can see negative and lasting impacts to their stock value, supplier relationships and shareholder perceptions. All these add up to explain why more boards are getting involved in security decisions and why FortiSIEM should be a critical part of any organisation’s security ecosystem.

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