Fortinet integrated security solutions



  • Outstanding network security, performance, and manageability
  • Single-pane-of-glass management through tight integration with the FortiGate architecture
  • Complete visibility and control of all users and devices on the network


FortiSwitch Data Centre and Secure Access Switches are cost-effective and flexible, and are available in a wide range of models to fit any environment. Our Data Centre series of Ethernet LAN Switches delivers exceptional throughput and scalability for high-performance virtualised data centre networks. Our Secure Access Switches integrate directly into the FortiGate connected UTM, with switch administration managed through the FortiGate.

Fortinet Secure Access

Securing business communications, personal information, financial transactions, and mobile devices involves much more than network access control. It requires scanning for malware, preventing access to malicious websites, BYOD support, and controlling application usage. But typical Wi-Fi solutions do not satisfy these requirements. Fortinet Secure Access solution has a unique approach that addresses the shortcomings of other Wi-Fi offerings.

Our Secure Access portfolio provides the most flexible security platform with end-to-end protection.

  • Secure Access Switches
    Fit small to mid-sized organisations, distributed enterprises, branch offices, and industrial control systems.
  • Data Centre Switches
    Ideal where high-performance 10 GE or 40 GE is required.

With FortiSwitch secure access switches, you can:

  • Authenticate users before granting network access
  • Enable voice, data, and wireless traffic across a single network
  • Easily install wireless access points and IP phones with Power over Ethernet
  • Help meet data separation compliance with network segmentation



Explore the easy-to-use FortiSwitch GUI with a demo. From the interface dashboard, you will see a high-level overview of the switch, including system information and resource utilisation. The switch port interface gives you a graphical representation of the switch, enabling you to view and manage the administrative and link status of each port, as well as configure features such as Spanning Tree Protocol

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