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FortiEDR - Fortinet integrated security solutions


Fully-automated extended detection and response to improve your security operations

FortiXDR is a fully-automated extended detection and response (XDR) to identify, investigate, and remediate evolving threats and cybersecurity incidents.

Developed to ease the burden on security teams, deep learning is used to train a sophisticated AI engine to replicate the investigation process that would typically be undertaken by a seasoned SOC analyst.

Take Control of your Security Operations

The constantly evolving cyber threat landscape and steady stream of cybersecurity
technologies designed to address it can prove challenging for smaller IT security teams.

The complexity of multiple products from multiple vendors, along with the volume of alerts generated, can easily overload organisations with limited manpower, skills and resources.

As a result, many organisations are looking at security vendor consolidation to improve their risk posture and security operations, whilst also wanting to reduce costs and have more efficient use of headcount.

Consolidate Multi Vendor Solutions

FortiXDR is a fully automated security incident detection and response platform that automatically collects and correlates data from multiple security products. It provides visibility and integrated security controls across all an organisation’s entire attack surface – covering endpoints, network, and cloud infrastructures.

It reduces the volume of security alerts and then automates and accelerates threat detection, investigation, and response, improving your security operations efficiency and increasing productivity

Detect and Respond to Threats Faster

FortiXDR speeds up the time to detect and repair security incidents across the whole attack surface:

  • Improves protection, detection, and response capabilities across multiple security solutions
  • Increases detection accuracy by correlating threat intelligence and signals
  • Enables vendor consolidation
  • Improves operational security productivity and ease the burden on security teams
  • Decreases time to detect/ repair of security incidents
  • Reduces the risk of ransomware
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) to create effective detection and response capability


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