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Illusive Networks is a cybersecurity company at the forefront of deception technology, the most effective protection against Advanced Attacks. illusive creates an alternate reality, transparently woven into your existing network. Attackers led into this reality will be instantly identified beyond all doubt, triggering a high-fidelity alert you can act upon. By creating a deceptive layer across the entire network – agentless deployment on every endpoint, server, and network – Illusive Networks disrupts and detects breaches with source-based, real-time forensics without interrupting business.

Illusive Networks changes the asymmetry
of cyber warfare

Provide a complete solution with Deceptions Everywhere approach

  • Advanced attackers can’t tell what is real and what is deceptive data
  • Detect lateral movements after the attacker has penetrated your defences
  • Capture real-time, high fidelity forensic data at the attack source
  • Proactively show areas of compromise before, during, and after an attack

Lowest Impact to Existing Infrastructure

Automatically Deploy deceptions across all your endpoints, servers and networks without adding infrastructure, and further reduce IT resource strain with zero false positive alerts. Does you have deception technology that can do that?

Solution benefits include:

  • Deception that’s Non-fingerprintable, diverse, dynamic.
    Weave a deceptive layer over your entire network – every endpoint, server and network component is coated with deceptions.
  • Paralyse attacks.
    If attackers cannot collect reliable data, they cannot make decisions. And if they cannot make decisions, the attack is paralysed.
  • Agentless.
    Deploy deception without software so no reverse engineering of agent.
  • Reliable Alerts.
    Real users never wander into illusive’s alternate reality. Anyone that does is definitely an attacker. When attackers act on false information, we instantly detect them. No more “false positive” alerts.
  • Real Time Forensics.
    Illusive’s actionable breach reports provide real-time forensics information needed to contain the attack. The information is collected at the exact moment attackers act upon false data, and before they have time to clean their tracks.

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Want to learn more about advanced attacker deception?

To beat an attacker you need to think like an attacker. They rely on immediately available credentials such as users, servers and shares which they use to conduct lateral movements throughout the network. Get a demonstration of deception security in action.

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