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  • Seamless end-user experience
  • Cloud simplicity and scale

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) eliminates the possibility of malware reaching the devices of end users from key attack vectors including web and email. Their patent-pending virtualisation and Adaptive Clientless RenderingTM (ACR) technologies completely isolates a user’s session meaning all content (e.g. Java, Flash etc.) is fully contained in the MSIP platform.
Only safe, malware-free rendering information is delivered to the user’s endpoint. Malware or Ransomware has no path to reach an endpoint, meaning legitimate content needn’t be blocked by IT security. Administrators can open up more of the Internet to their users while simultaneously eliminating the risk of attacks.

Menlo Security Solution benefits include:

  • 100% safety via isolation
    • Eliminates malware through isolation
    • Disarms weaponized documents
    • Protects endpoints from Flash
  • Seamless end-user experience
    • Provides a native user experience
    • Supports popular document types
    • Reduces the number of web reclassification requests
  • Cloud simplicity and scale
    • Deploys without appliances or endpoint software
    • Integrates with existing security systems
    • Enables robust forensics and reporting

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Want to find out more about security through isolation?

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