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Qualys Cloud Security Platform

Everything visible. Everything secure.

From Qualys, a single secure managed cloud platform for IT, security and compliance across all your global IT assets.

The Qualys Cloud Platform is an end-to-end solution security management platform managed by Infosec Partners to keep your team in sync.

Asset Management

  • Global IT Asset Inventory
    See what’s on your network at all times.
  • CMDB Sync
    Synchronise asset information from Qualys into ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Certificate Inventory
    Inventory TLS/SSL digital certificates on a global scale.

IT Security

  • Vulnerability Management
    Continuously detect and protect against attacks, anytime, anywhere.
  • Threat Protection
    Pinpoint your most critical threats and prioritise patching.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Alerts you in real time about network irregularities.
  • Patch Management
    Streamline and accelerate vulnerability remediation for all your IT assets.
  • Indication of Compromise
    Continuously monitor endpoints to detect suspicious activity.
  • Certificate Assessment
    Assess your digital certificates and TLS configurations.

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Inventory
    Monitor users, instances, networks, storage, databases and their relationships.
  • Cloud Security Assessment
    Continuously monitor and assess your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.
  • Container Security
    Discover, track, and continuously protect containers.

Web Application Security

  • Web Application Scanning
    Secure web applications with end-to-end protection.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Block attacks and virtually patch web application vulnerabilities.

Compliance Monitoring

  • Policy Compliance
    Assess security configurations of IT systems throughout your network.
  • Security Configuration Assessment
    Automate configuration assessment of global IT assets.
  • PCI Compliance
    Automate, simplify and attain PCI compliance quickly.
  • File Integrity Monitoring
    Log and track file changes across global IT systems.
  • Security Assessment Questionnaire
    Minimise the risk of doing business with vendors and other third parties.
  • Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment
    Extend security and compliance to inaccessible assets, like air-gapped or locked-down systems.

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