Real time endpoint protection through machine learning

Dealing with today's cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach. Advanced malware, exploits and other cyber attacks will blow right by AV-based solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to get updated with the latest threat signatures.

Furthermore, vulnerability exists in the gap between detection and response. Even if an attach is detected, lack of integration with incident response tools forces manual attempts to neutralize it. in the meanwhile, that attack can still proliferate to other areas of your infrastructure.

The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the ability to dynamically analyse and predict any threats behaviour and respond intelligently at machine speed - this is the essence of SentinelOne.

Solution benefits include:

▪ Continuous system-level monitoring
▪ Behavioural detection of advanced malware, exploits and live attacks
▪ Real-time forensic analysis
▪ Attack story line visualization
▪ Auto-immunization
▪ Cloud intelligence
▪ Zero-touch mitigation
▪ Robust containment
▪ Full remediation
▪ Awarded NSS Labs’ ‘Recommended’ rating with 99.79% effectiveness
▪ Recognised by Gartner as most Visionary  Endpoint Protection Platform