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Patch up your network with the help from a former hacktivist

By February 21, 2019September 7th, 2021No Comments
Hactivist helping Network Security

Mike Jones used to belong to the internet hacktivist group Anonymous, now he is planning on touring the country to help provide information about where there are gaps in protection.

This insight will help companies identify where they are going wrong with regards to their online protection, and remind them why it is so important to have a cyber security incident response plan.

Mr Jones, also known as ‘sting3r’, recently spoke at the Robert Gordon University warning that North Sea Firms are “probably already victims” of a cyber attack… Bet they didn’t phish for that…

He went on to say: “In this day and age of data loss, cyber-warfare, identity theft and ‘hacktivism’, it is more vital than ever before to know your adversary.”

Mr Jones was not always a hacker, and he started his career as a US military intelligence expert and Iraq War veteran. Therefore, he is well aware of the importance of national security, having previously performed security tests for the US Department of Defence, in addition to huge financial businesses, casinos and other large-scale organisations.

If you’re interested, the tour will commence on February 21st at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland, taking place as part of the AVC Immedia Technology. From here, Mr Jones will travel to the University of Westminster, Edinburgh Napier University, Manchester University, and Glasgow Caledonian University. He is expected to share his expertise to more than 500 people working in business and academia, as well as students during his talks.

If you, however, do not have time to attend then Infosec Partners are your guys(and girls).

Call us or visit our website today to see how we can help protect you and your company.

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