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Protect Your Assets With A Cyber Security Risk Assessment

By July 18, 2023No Comments
asset protection security risk assessment

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding your organisation from cyber threats is paramount. However do you have full confidence that your current cyber security arrangements are up to scratch, that they can protect your organisation from the latest threats? If the answer is no then it is time to take a proactive stance and gain peace of mind, and a good starting point is instigating a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment.

A cyber security risk assessment is the process of evaluating the threats to your organisation’s infrastructure against your capacity to safeguard your organisation and its assets from a cyber attack.

By undertaking a cyber security risk assessment your organisation will be in a better position to make educated decisions regarding its cyber security arrangements.

The process, which is critical to your organisation, will enable you to:

  1. Identify the key assets within your organisation
  2. Gain an understanding of your current cyber security arrangements
  3. Identify, analyse and consider vulnerabilities and emerging cyber risks
  4. Identify gaps between current arrangements and your desired risk profile
  5. Prioritise opportunities for improvement
  6. Identify and allocate a plan of people, tech and budget to mitigate risks
  7. Monitor and review effectiveness of strategies
  8. Prevent data breaches and to limit any potential impact on operations and reputation
  9. Provide reassurance to stakeholders and customers
  10. Meet legal, compliance and regulatory requirements

Given that the process to determine if your security controls are appropriate and effective can be quite complex and time-consuming, how often should you undertake a cyber security risk assessment?

With cyber threats constantly emerging, and businesses continually evolving, ideally the evaluation of the risk of your organisation should be a continuous activity, forming part of an iterative process as part of your strategic business plan.

As a result, organisations are realising that cyber security needs a strong executive leadership focus. Many now have CISO input at board level, and it is increasingly common for organisations to outsource CISO roles to virtual CISOs, security consultants, and CISOaaS providers.

However, for those organisations wanting a snapshot picture of their cyber security posture, perhaps before recruiting CISO or MSSP resource, or as part of a business transformation project, a stand alone cyber security risk assessment is a good opportunity to quickly gauge their current position before investing further.

Here at Infosec Partners our cyber security experts have two decades of experience in securing significant organisations. We work with you to help your organisation to gain greater confidence in your cyber security arrangements, with the starting point being a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment that gives a baseline to then work from.

Don’t leave your organisation’s safety to chance. Take the first step towards strengthening your organisation’s cyber defences by arranging a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment with Infosec Partners today.













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