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Cyber Security Quiz

Test your cyber security knowledge
with our cyber security quiz

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Cyber Security Quiz

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What technology/system can you easily deploy in your network to identify a breach without any false positives?

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What is the most cost effective way of delivering a distributed LAN that is secure and has a high fault tolerance?

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Which of the following will not protect data at rest on your computer?

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What statements regarding encryption and hashing are true?

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A website displaying a padlock with a valid certificate from a known certificate authority means that it is secure?

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What is the best method of protecting a website against cyber attacks?

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Which of the following cyber attacks self-replicate?

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Your I.T. department has enabled the use of TLS encryption on the email server, does this mean that all of your emails are guaranteed to be encrypted between third parties?

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In cyber security, the principle of least privilege means?

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What is a zero-day attack?

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If you are ISO27001 or PCI DSS compliant, does it mean that you are secure?

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