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Russia Hacks Off From Global Internet To Protect Against Cyber Threats

By February 20, 2019November 30th, 2022No Comments
Russia Hacks Off From Global Internet To Protect Against Cyber Threats

Russia is taking extreme action to protect itself against cyber attacks and hacks on Russian systems by temporarily disconnecting from the ‘global internet’. This comes as part of the government’s Digital Economy National Programme (DENP) and will take place on April 1st this year, reported.

It will be carried out to ascertain whether it can help protect the country against aggressive online security threats from overseas. The programme will determine if the country can retain control of ‘Runet’ – the Russian internet area – while cutting off from the rest of the world.

Instead of data being passed internationally, it will remain within the nation, allowing Russia’s internet service to run independently from the rest of the world’s and avoid hacks.

Russia is investing one trillion rubles (£11.9 billion) in the DENP, with this money going towards improving the country’s infrastructure and education, as well as isolating its internet services in the threat of a global cyber war over the next five years, Tass revealed.

In order for the government to shut off from international internet operators and potential hacks, it will have to compensate Russian internet service providers (ISPs) and communications companies to enable them to adhere to the DENP’s regulations.

While the Russian nation is intent on protecting itself against hacks from the rest of the world, Russia itself has been accused of several cyber attacks over the last few years.

In October 2018, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre exposed “indiscriminate and reckless cyber attacks targeting political institutions, businesses, media and sport” by the Russian military service, the GRU.

It went on to say these attacks are “in flagrant violation of international law”.

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