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Secure Your Network with Zero Trust: Partner with the Experts

By June 23, 2023June 26th, 2023No Comments
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With the rise in connected devices, remote working, BYOD, and hybrid cloud environments, networks are rapidly expanding and are increasingly complex to manage and secure.

Cyber attackers are continually looking for entry points to networks, with their strategies becoming even more sophisticated, organisations must regularly review and improve their cyber security strategies to mitigate evolving threats.

And let’s not forget that the potential for insider threats is ever-present. Current employees, former employees, contractors, partners, external suppliers, essentially anyone who has access to company devices or data poses a risk.

As such the likelihood of compromise has reached unprecedented levels and traditional security measures such as antivirus tools and firewalls are not enough to safeguard an organisation, its infrastructure and its assets, against cyber threats.

It is no longer safe to assume that just because a device is connected to the network, it is ‘safe’ and should have access to everything. A ‘Trust No One’ approach is required to mitigate these increased risks and to enhance security.

A Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) strategy enables organisations to have complete visibility and control over who and what is connected to the network. It assumes that no user or device should be inherently trusted and that constant verification and authorisation are necessary for secure access.

To effectively implement ZTNA, a robust solution, one that is customised to your organisation, is required. As technology and vendor agnostic cyber experts, Infosec Partners supports any-vendor-any-device, so we are best placed to always recommend, and if required, implement and manage the best solution set for you.

The 2023 State of Zero Trust Report by Fortinet provides insight into the progress organisations are making in implementing their zero-trust strategies. The good news is that since their last survey in 2021, the number of organisations having deployed zero-trust solutions has increased substantially. However the survey revealed that organisations are facing some serious challenges in implementing their zero-trust strategies, and that making zero trust work was a little more difficult than anticipated. Getting isolated point solutions to work together is notoriously difficult and troubleshooting workarounds can consume significant IT resources.

As a Fortinet UK Partner of Excellence, our experts leverage the Fortinet range of leading cyber security solutions to strengthen our clients cyber security posture with a ZTNA solution.

We are the only expert partner in the UK recognised by Fortinet for our specialism in Zero Trust Access solutions.

Our team of Fortinet ZTNA experts can strengthen your organisation’s security posture and ensure the protection of your valuable assets. Contact us now to discuss your unique cyber security needs and take the first step towards a more robust and resilient network environment.

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