Securing the Next Generation Classroom

Infosec Partners’ Teacher’s Portal utilises the leading technology of Crestron and Fortinet to empower teachers to take back control of their classroom. With a secure, easy-to-use application interface, the Teacher’s Portal enables teachers to directly take control of the internet usage and content access of their class. Allowing them to directly allow and revoke the internet access of students and groups in their classroom, the Teacher’s Portal also allows them to manage access to specific sites or those with certain types of content for the duration of the class.

Smart Bulbs. How Vulnerable Are Hue?

The popularity of smart bulbs such as Phillips’ Hue have grown exponentially in recent years. However, public awareness is growing of the danger that networked lighting can be an entry point to the entire smart home or building automation system. The convenience of a connected world enables homeowners to monitor their home from hundreds of miles away but also provides an attack surface to hackers and thieves.

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