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The Next Generation of FortiGate Firewalls from Fortinet

By September 2, 2021November 17th, 2022No Comments
The next generation of FortiGate firewalls

Without firewalls, data, computers and devices in your network are susceptible to hackers, making you an easy target for attacks. But how does a firewall work? And what is a next generation firewall (NGFW)?

In simple terms, a firewall is a security solution that prevents unauthorised users, devices, software and applications from entering your network, their job is to:

  1. Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic across your network.
  2. Filter out, identify and block traffic from less secure environments, such as virus attacks, phishing, malware and spyware.
  3. Prevent hackers from gaining unauthorised access to your data, emails, systems, and more.
  4. Enable you to inspect that traffic before letting it into your network.
  5. Promote privacy by proactively working to keep data safe in an environment that your staff and clients can trust.

As the first line of defense, firewalls are considered a fundamental part of a larger cyber security strategy.  As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, and network traffic more complex due to a rise in operational technology, connected devices, applications and multi location users, the risks of modern cyber attacks are even higher and your business will require advanced protection from the latest threats.   You need a firewall solution that meets the demands of today’s dynamic network environments and emerging threat landscape.  

The Next Generation of Firewalls from Fortinet

Fortinet is the industry leader in Next Generation of Firewalls (NGFW) technology. The latest range of FortiGate NGFWs give superior protection via advanced techniques and technology that address the evolving threat landscape. They deliver ultra-fast end to end security whilst improving operational efficiency, that’s why Industry research firm Gartner recently recognised Fortinet as a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls for the 11th time: 

  1. Versatility: Real time upgrades provide flexibility and versatility with keeping up to date with emerging threats and network changes. 
  2. Multi Layer Protection: NGFWs offer multi-layered protection by providing greater transparency and control of all traffic all across the different levels of your network, including at application level.
  3. Simplified Workflows: By streamlining network security, you can automate workflows and deploy new policies across the entire network from a central management console.
  4. Simplified Infrastructure: With the Fortinet range of NGFWs firewalls, antivirus, ransomware protection and intrusion detection systems are integrated into one seamless product. 
  5. Updated Threat Protection: NGFWs inspect traffic at a deeper level, providing more information for what to allow or block.
  6. Consistent Network Speed: Traditional firewalls can bog down your systems more and more as you increase the scale of protection, NGFWs allow you to improve and expand protection without compromising the speed of your network. 

Secure Remote Access Solutions for Increased Network Agility

Today’s digital world brings unexpected challenges, being resilient and agile in responding to the unexpected is now more critical than ever. As businesses evolve their digital capabilities in order to leverage tech opportunities, the focus on accessibility and performance has never been more important. SD-Wan addresses these network connectivity challenges, enabling businesses to efficiently provide high performing web based applications to remote users across multi locations. What’s more, the next generation SD-WAN solution from Fortinet comes with a fully integrated suite of advanced security solutions, including built-in NGFW capabilities, ensuring high levels of performance without sacrificing security or data privacy.

NGFW Solutions from a Fortinet Partner of Excellence

As a technology and vendor agnostic service provider,  Infosec Partners will always recommend the best firewall solution for clients and we have developed a network of partnerships with leading vendors, including Fortinet, enabling us to provide the best cyber technologies and managed security services to meet your needs.

As a Fortinet UK Partner of Excellence, and the UK’s first and only certified expert level dedicated Fortinet MSSP partner, our team of Fortinet security advisors are on hand to recommend, install and support Fortinet NGFW solutions.   Whether you’re looking to buy a new firewall or looking for support for your existing ones, we have the real world experience and expertise to help. We provide a Managed Firewall Service that delivers 24/7 firewall management and monitoring, delivering operational protection to your network and its infrastructure, allowing you more time to focus on your core business activities.  What’s more, we have recently been recognised globally as the first expert partner, formally certified by Fortinet, to secure OT environments.  We leverage the Fortinet range of security products to develop powerful cohesive cyber security solutions for organisations embracing IoT opportunities.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a Fortinet NGFW solution, get in touch with the Infosec Partners team today. 

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