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The only positive option’ in the 2015 Gartner MQ for SIEM

By July 23, 2015September 7th, 2021No Comments
LogRhythm Gartner 2015 MQ SIEM

LONDON, 22 July 2015 – The 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has been published and the only positive option in the Leaders Quadrant is LogRhythm.

SIEM technology provides real-time correlation of events for security monitoring and alerting, as well as query and analytics for historical analysis. The intelligence gained from reports can be used to support incident investigation and compliance reporting, whilst alerts can dramatically reduce the impact of a discovered breach.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrants

Magic Quadrants are annual reports put together by IT research firm Gartner, which identifies leading vendors in particular fields, and measures them against a vertical axis “Ability to Execute” and a horizontal axis “Completeness of Vision”. Vendors in the top right ‘Leaders quadrant’ are those considered to have shown evidence of superior vision and execution, as well as being the most successful in building an installed base and revenue stream within the SIEM market.

Unique in the Leaders quadrant

The only vendor in the Leaders quadrant to show positive movement is LogRhythm. All of the others moved further down or to the left, whereas LogRhythm showed an increase both in their ‘Ability to Execute’ and ‘Completeness of Vision’.

Indeed there seemed to be a general downward movement by most vendors including those in the left-hand quadrants as the SIEM market becomes more mature. In their report Kelly Kavanagh and Oliver Rochford explain that the SIEM market is at the ‘broad adoption phase’ which is reflected by its growth from $1.5 billion to approximately $1.69 billion during 2014 – a growth rate of about 14%. The stronger the market gets, the more vendors need to achieve and innovate in order to even stay in the same position.

“We view Gartner’s placement of LogRhythm in the Leaders quadrant of its SIEM Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year as further validation that our unified security intelligence and analytics platform continues to serve as the foundation for the next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC) for enterprises across the globe.”commented Chris Petersen, CTO, SVP of products and Co-Founder of LogRhythm.

LogRhythm is also unique in being the only ‘point solution’ vendor the Leaders quadrant i.e. the only vendor with a core focus on SIEM. The other 4 vendors in the Leaders quadrant, including IBM and HP, effectively handcuff their enterprise clients into using their SIEM as part of their overall deployment, which – as their clients will know only too well when faced with large invoices – is why the Leaders Quadrant accounts for over 60% of the SIEM market revenue.

“Our discerning Enterprise clients appreciate how LogRhythm’s best of breed SIEM solutions delivers scalability, performance, and effectiveness.” said Francisco Ordillano, Commercial Director of Infosec Partners. “Especially in Retail, we have seen a big increase in requests for LogRhythm evaluation, as clients look to optimise their ability to respond, following the big Retail breaches hitting the news in 2014”.

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