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The Risk of Short Term Gains Often Cause Long Term Pains

By September 16, 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments
It's risky to cut your cyber security budget

Running a business, charity, or education establishment? The bottom line is always front of mind. Managing budgets takes up a considerable amount of time, and with the nature of the current economy cash is indeed king. Balancing the books, especially short term cash gains whilst mitigating against potential long term business pains, is a delicate job.

We all understand the idea of investing in something, there has to be a return on that investment. And we all appreciate that cost savings from other areas of the business can positively contribute to those investments, or to a healthier bottom line.

Keeping a close eye on costs of course makes commercial sense. Naturally organisations look to reduce budgets in hard times – including funding for cyber security. However it’s important that you consider the risk of downscaling your cyber security plans to achieve short term gains, and the long term pains in doing so.

Attack Surfaces Are Expanding

With networks growing and becoming extremely complex, attack surfaces are expanding, and cyber criminals have more ways than ever before to gain entry to your critical assets and sensitive data. Attackers are now using increasingly sophisticated tactics, and organisations have to continually up their game to protect, defend and react to security incidents.

A successful security breach can impact your organisation significantly. Customer trust is very easy to break, and very difficult to build, reputational damage can be serious. Add in business downtime, cost to remediate, regulatory fines and it’s no wonder that the cost of a security breach can run into £millions.

Cutting corners will make your organisation vulnerable

Cutting corners on your cyber security strategy may therefore leave your business exposed. Cyber criminals always find the gaps in your plans and processes.

Now is not the time to downscale your cyber security plans. It will leave you vulnerable. We often refer to this as a short term term gain that can result in long term pain. The threat landscape has changed and will continue to do so. Cybersecurity will always be a core responsibility for all organisations, that’s why you need the right experts to protect your assets and reputation.

The best possible protection for every budget

Infosec Partners are a full spectrum MSSP, we offer consultancy services and a range of managed security services designed to protect your organisation, detect threats and react to cyber incidents on your behalf. We can deliver short term gain, whilst avoiding long term pain, without cutting corners.

Our investment in staff training has helped make us Fortinet’s most certified partner globally, whilst also allowing us to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Balancing short term cash gains and long term business pains

We work with organisations of all sizes. If you want the best possible cyber protection for your budget, combined with the highest levels of customer support, then please get in touch. We can help you avoid the risks of short terms gains vs long term pains.


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