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The Security Fabric Explained

By October 11, 2022November 17th, 2022No Comments
understanding the Fortinet Security Fabric

In the blog post we are going to use the analogy of language to explain the Security Fabric. Imagine a French person conversing with an Italian and a Spanish person. The trio would share and develop basic vocabulary. One that would allow them to learn rudimentary elements of each other’s language and communicate basic commands to each other. The conversations may be slow, and fragmented, with lots of to-ing and fro-ing as the group attempt to make themselves understood. While they will no doubt eventually ‘get there’ it may be a frustrating experience. This learning comes at a cost and does not work well with complex tasks, in a crisis or when something unusual occurs. The situation could be made much more effective and positive with the help of an interpreter, who could bridge the communication gap between two or more parties who do not speak the same language.

Compare that situation to a contrasting scenario; three people from the same town who have known each other since birth. They speak the same verbal language, and are aware of the nuances of each other’s body language; each has an inbuilt sub-conscious library of the others behaviours and past experiences; they are in tune with each other. Communication is intuitive, easier, smoother, and less frustrating. No external help is required. Overall a more positive and effective experience.

You can compare these analogies with integrating technology from several different cyber security vendors, as combining technology is often ineffective because each element is so different.

So how can you overcome this?

  • With the help of an ‘integrator’. Acting much like a translator, an experienced Cyber Security consultant who has in depth experience of how each component works – its purpose, its language, its processes, can advise you how to get all the elements to talk and interact with each other. This situation is worthwhile for organisations who wish to maximise the existing investment of cyber security tools and solutions that have already been implemented. As vendor agnostic cyber security experts, Infosec Partners regularly provides consulting and managed solutions to clients utilising solutions from multiple vendors.
  • By utilising technology that talks a common language. This is the concept behind the Fortinet Security Fabric, a high-performing cybersecurity platform, powered by the FortiOS operating system. It enables organisations of any size to secure and simplify their IT infrastructure. It is designed to enable broad, integrated, and automated cyber security, protecting devices, data, and applications; delivering fast and coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface. What’s more, as an open ecosystem the fabric can be extended via seamless integration with a diverse range of ‘Fabric-Ready’ Partner solutions. As the most qualified Fortinet partner globally, Infosec Partners have demonstrated consistently that we can be trusted to skillfully deliver, and manage the full range of Fortinet solutions across complex deployments, continually providing the highest levels of customer support when doing so.

Are we talking your language? Want to know more about maximising the security fabric?

If your organisation is looking to secure its infrastructure whilst simplifying its cyber security solutions, then please get in touch.  If you have any questions regarding the Fortinet Security Fabric we are here to help. We are long-established and highly experienced Cyber Security experts, our people and our services are focused and committed to giving clients the best protection to defend their businesses.

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