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The World’s First Vessel to Achieve Maritime Cyber Baseline Accreditation

By November 24, 2022February 21st, 2023No Comments
maritime baseline certification cyber security award

Infosec Partners are pleased to announce that they have officially certified the world’s first seagoing vessel in meeting the requirements of the Maritime Cyber Baseline Certification scheme.

The vessel, a LNG Tanker operated by Seapeak, obtained Maritime Cyber Baseline Certification Accreditation after rigorous risk assessments undertaken by maritime cyber security experts from Infosec Partners.

Infosec Partners’ assessors undertook remote audits of the vessel’s IT and OT environments, ensuring that all cyber security systems and controls put in place mitigate cyber related risks to an acceptable level.

In achieving Certification, vessel owners and operators demonstrate that their cyber security plans meet the IMO Maritime Cyber Risk Guidelines.

Mark Oakton, Security Consultant at Infosec Partner comments “The Maritime Cyber Baseline is a critical component of aligning the industry with the IMO MSC 428 cyber guidelines. Since we began working with Seapeak, I have been very impressed with their commitment to the maturity of their cyber security operations.”

The Maritime Cyber Baseline Scheme is supported by RINA (Royal Institution Naval Architects), whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of all marine vessels and structures.

Chris Boyd, CEO of Rina presented the award to Seapeak at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects London head office, added “The Royal Institution has a desire to help the maritime industry improve cyber security across the constantly changing maritime landscape. We fully support the Maritime Cyber Baseline Scheme and congratulate Seapeak on being the first to receive this award. It’s an important step forward in demonstrating IMO compliance and in improving the cyber security posture of their fleet. Cyber security for the maritime industry must be taken very seriously, and it’s critical that we as an Institution champion such initiatives that help our community stay up to speed with the constantly changing threat landscape.”

Seapeak (formerly Teekay LNG Partners) are a global leader in international maritime transportation of LNG and LPG. With 74 vessels they are one of the largest independent owner-operators of gas transportation vessels globally. A dynamic organisation, dedicated to leading the way and setting high standards, they are committed to safety, including cyber security, and as such recognise the importance of compliance being key to maintaining the trust of industry bodies, investors, clients and team members.

Craig Smith, Senior Cyber Security Specialist at Seapeak adds “At Seapeak we take our commitment to cyber security extremely seriously. As a global leader in transportation of liquefied gas we understand the need to be compliant with legislations to ensure operations are safe, secure and face minimal disruption at port and at sea. Our stance on cyber security is no different and we feel it is imperative that we should do everything within our powers to safeguard our maritime operations, team and clients from the increasing threats posed to our industry.”

For more information on Maritime Cyber Baseline Accreditation please get in touch with the maritime cyber security experts at Infosec Partners.

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