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Think like a hacker to improve your cyber security

By October 26, 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments
think like a cyber hacker

To avoid being constantly targeted by a cyber hacker and becoming a victim of cybercrime, businesses must keep up to date on new threats and vulnerabilities. Cyber hackers and criminals are continuously developing new and diverse ways of penetrating cyber security defences. New and more sophisticated threats are constantly emerging, making it increasingly difficult for organisations to identify when, where, and how the next breach will occur.

So, how can your business ‘stay one step ahead’ of cybercriminals in a constantly evolving threat landscape?

Think like a hacker to anticipate cyber attacks

‘Thinking like a hacker’ will help to reduce vulnerabilities and anticipate cyber attacks and subsequent breaches.

A strategic approach is necessary, broken down into many tactical steps, much like a game of chess; two adversaries moving across the board, anticipating each other’s every move… each move has the potential to change the outcome of the game.

  • Where might they go next?
  • What move might they make?
  • What piece/tool will they use?
  • Have they identified any vulnerabilities?
  • How can they exploit the weak spots?
  • How can I best defend myself?
  • How can I stop/block them?
  • What is their next likely move?
  • What else have they got lined up?
  • How can I get ahead of them?
  • Are they bluffing?
  • Can I scam them or call their bluff?
  • When will they make their next move?
  • How much patience have they got?
  • What other ‘off board’ tactics might they use to influence the outcome?

Extra pressure comes when you can’t see your opponent, or when you have no idea of how many potential adversaries there may actually be. When you are under persistent pressure, your defences may start to buckle.

Being prepared for a cyber attack is essential

A culture of being prepared can help you stay one step ahead of malicious attacks and ensure a fast and effective mitigation for when a cyber breach does occur. ‘Think like a cyber hacker’ can go some way to help you achieve this.

Being primed for cyber attacks is essential, here’s a starter for 10 of the key things to include in your cyber security strategy:

  1. Ensure all cyber defences, such as firewalls, are up to date
  2. Have visibility across your whole network, including your supply chain
  3. Protect your cloud based infrastructure and all endpoints
  4. Undertake vulnerability assessments to identify your weaknesses
  5. Continually monitor your infrastructure for threats
  6. Run regular penetration tests to evaluate your cyber security defences
  7. Implement deception technology to lure attackers into the open
  8. Have a well rehearsed incident response plan
  9. Always raise awareness with employees, suppliers and partners to ensure they are on the look-out for the latest cyber scams and tactics.
  10. Don’t be complacent, instil a zero trust approach

A flexible approach to cyber security services and solutions

There is a lot to consider, implement and manage. If your organisation requires consultancy to scope out a strategy, or needs extra resources to deploy tools and manage plans, then please get in touch.

Infosec Partners provides a full spectrum of cyber security services and solutions. We can think like a cyber hacker on your behalf. Our flexible approach allows you to outsource whole or component parts of your IT and information security requirements or access specialist support as needed when impartiality is critical. With over 20 years of cyber security experience, we utilise world-class people and technology, and provide the highest levels of customer support.

We never take chances with your cyber security


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